By Roger Stone

Spitzer: Block graphic tapes
Just this week Spitzer's lawyers went to court to block public release of the tapes of Federal wiretaps in the Prostitution investigation in which everyone involved was charged but the short-tempered former Governor. Spitzer's lawyer actually had the nerve to say Spitzer was "an innocent third party" in the calls and therefore had some right to privacy! Innocent? Spitzer patronized call-girl rings as both Attorney General and Governor. As AG, he utilized the services of multiple escort services while prosecuting others. He violated Federal money-laundering laws to hide the trail of money to the services and violated the Mann Act by importing call-girls over state lines to service him. My sources tell me the tapes are quite graphic with the Sheriff of Wall street telling the bookers in graphic detail what he wanted the girls he scheduled to be willing to do - and they thought I was kinky! The fools at NEWSDAY wrote last week that my revelation learned from a Miami Call-girl that Spitzer kept his droopy knee high black socks during the sex act was fiction, fail to report that the New York Post's Murray Weiss independently confirmed the former Governor's tendency to frolic with his socks from yet another call-girl in a story April 24, 2008, eight months after I told the FBI about this quirk (reported in the New York Times). Nor do they note that Manhattan madam Kristin Davis, who served four months on Rikers Island for her role in running an Escort Service and supplied girls for Spitzer for over ten years, independently confirmed that Spitzer kept his hose on while getting his freak on. Gotta love the folks at NEWSDAY, they never let the facts get in the way of a cheap shot story nor have the guts to by-line a story when they have the facts wrong. On the other hand Newsday is less and less relevant. With their New York City circulation in the toilet, the Long Island paper isn?t really read by anyone who matters.