By Roger Stone I was unprepared for the public reaction for my defense of Governor Sarah Palin's decision to resign as Governor and the path I outlined that could lead her to the White House. The STONEzone received 97,000 hits in one day crashing our servers twice. Despite the criticisms from left and right, I still believe there is a path in which Palin can take advantage of her fervent base and still reinvent herself for other voters to become a viable candidate in 2012 or beyond. I cannot tell you if Palin will take the path I outlined but it is unrealistic to think that she has not sustained major damage from the attacks on her by the establishment media, and in some cases, her own hand. Thus, she must rebuild and correct misimpressions about her to be a viable political force - and that cannot be done through the lens of the media through their coverage of speeches, press conferences and guest appearances. Only through the focused power of television can Palin be reinvented and then only with total control of the TV presentation. Those right-wing yahoos who wrote in to say - "oh no-not another Mike Huckabee show" are right and wrong. That isn't the show, isn't the format and Mike Huckabee will never be as exciting or interesting as Sarah Palin. This nugget from the New York Times tells you why I like Palin - Speaking about the army of democratic researchers and operatives descending on Alaska in August 2008, Palin said her foes were "making crap up." Indeed Sarah Palin scares the beejezuz out of Party regulars and establishment politicians. Imagine: a candidate who actually says what she thinks!