By Roger Stone

Jon Corzine
New Jersey Republicans are astonished to find their candidate for Governor Chris Christie holding a double digit lead a month before Labor Day. Harsh negative TV commercials attacking Christie that started on cable and eventually made it to broadcast TV are having little effect. That's because economically stressed voters do not respond to social issues attacks on guns or abortion when they can't pay the rent, mortgage or put food on the table. The Corzine camp might want to take a look at how successful Governor Jim Florio was at using the gun control issue against Christie Todd Whitman in attempt to divert attention from the massive income tax increases Florio has passed. This piece of strategy, the brainchild of consultant James Carville, didn't work. Republicans shouldn't pop the champagne corks too soon. With the election still more than 90 days away in an overwhelmingly blue state, it remains to be seen whether Corzine can find his feet.