By Roger Stone

Sen. Barbara Boxer
The reaction of Democrats to the growing grassroots opposition to the cost and dimensions of Obama?s healthcare proposal is both dangerous for their Party and a misreading of real public attitudes. Demonizing opponents of the sweeping healthcare proposal and attempts to minimize the level of opposition in the country might sound like good politics now, but demonstrates how out of touch with real public opinion and Obama?s falling approval ratings Democrats are. The White House has aggressively tried to brand citizen outrage at various public forums sponsored by Members of Congress as ?manufactured? and ?reminiscent? of the Brooks Brothers Riot which convinced Miami-Dade officials not to recount presidential ballot in that county a third time in 2000. Clearly, Senator Barbara Boxer got her talking points from the White House when she went on FOX News and took the position that because demonstrators were ?well-dressed? they must be orchestrated. As a veteran political organizer who had a hand in the so-called Brooks Brothers Riot, I can tell you that the liberals don?t understand the difference between harnessing public dissent that growingly exists, and manufacturing public outrage that doesn?t really exist at all. It isn?t difficult to get ordinary citizens to show up at Congressional town meetings to express their legitimate concerns regarding the potentially devastating cost of ObamaCare and the potential loss of consumer choice in the health care system. They are real and they are angry. Speaker Pelosi then went so far as to claim that some protestors at town meetings were carrying signs bearing Nazi swastikas. This kind of hate-based attack with no basis in fact is beneath a Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Senator Harry Reid doesn?t plan to hold a town hall meeting during the Congressional recess but will instead hold a closed door ticket-only conference on energy with former Vice PresidentAl Gore. By holding elite only closed door events and refusing to respond to legitimate questions from duly registered constituents, the Democrats are merely inadvertently fueling public outrage. This in turn will only serve to increase the number of Americans picking up signs, attending public meetings and demanding answers from their elected officials. More importantly, both bi-partisan and respected polling organizations show substantial and growing public concerns about ObamaCare. Do Democrats deny this? They would have us believe that these people are merely ?sheep? ginned-up by special interests. This kind of elitism mocks the people?s ability to reason and decide for themselves regarding the course the President has chosen. Protests announced throughout the mid-west in coming weeks will show that the citizen backlash against ObamaCareis only growing. Democrats dismiss and minimize this growing prairie fire at their own risk. Reference Links: White House WSJ: Sen. Barbara Boxer on FOX News: