Friends of mine who are friends of Chris Matthews tell me that despite the withering profile in the NY Times Magazine by Mark Leibovich that Chris continues to ponder and is likely to make a race against Sen. Arlen Specter, who is receiving treatment for his recently returned cancer. Putting aside the fact that Specter is an Ironman, having previously survived a laundry list of dangerous illnesses all without ever losing sight of his duties in the U.S. Senate. Specter has survived Republican primaries to put together a coalition of Republicans, union members, environmentalists, Jews, African-Americans and working-class Democrats to survive in a blue state. Specter has an extraordinary record on Civil Rights and has been an important protector of our civil liberties in the days of the Patriot Act and its contraventions. He is the father of modern Stem Cell Research, having held the first Stem Cell hearings in the US Congress and cobbling together crucial Federal funding to begin the cure for many diseases. In the early days when "Hardball" was just on in the D.C. cable market, I did the show at Chris' request several times, one time leaving the dinner table at my home in the Palisadesto rush to K Street to fill in for a last-minute guest who cancelled. I had long and interesting conversations with Chris about Richard Nixon with whom I had spent significant time and from whom I had heard significant historical anecdotes and observations, prior to the publication of his excellent book ""Kennedy And Nixon"". That is, as the NY Times profile shows, not the Chris Matthews of today. Matthews is a celebrity in his own mind. Even in the pre-national network days, he would spend a half hour combing and re-combing his hair in the mirror. He loves the sound of his own voice and ogling attractive women is a standard part of his act. Chris is a man who thinks he knows politics because he's talked about it his whole life, but other than writing speeches for the worst President of the United States, James Earl Carter, and a stint flacking for Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Chris has never elected anybody to anything. He has evolved into an egocentric blow-hard, as they would say in South Philly, "a real ass-hole." Accordingly, I have formed a new 527 organization, MOUTH, Movement Opposing Unqualified TV Hacks. Even now, researchers are cataloging and combing through every TV show and every newspaper column Matthews has expressed himself in. The Carter Library gives us access to the speeches he churned out for President Malaise. The espresso in South Philly is the best in the world. Chris, I'll be waiting in Philadelphia for you.