Dominic Carter, Anchor -
"Inside City Hall"
By Roger Stone David Paterson?s intemperate attack on NY-1?s Dominic Carter, the African American commentator who anchors the influential ?Inside City Hall? must be addressed. I have been grilled by Carter on the air numerous times and I can tell you he gives no quarter. Dominic Carter?s life story is a testimony to what can be done by anyone with perseverance and talent. Born in the Projects, raised by an aunt, sexually molested as a boy, Carter has overcome all of this to be one of the most listened-to journalists in New York City. The idea of Dominic Carter as an ?Uncle Tom? is absurd. Carter is tough on everyone; Black, White, Latin, Liberal, Conservative, Democrat and Republican. He pulls no punches. He asks what others won?t. He does his job. Of course Dominic Carter has been tough on Governor Paterson. Paterson bungled a US Senate appointment, bypassing a Kennedy for Al D?Amato?s candidate, raised taxes to fill a budget gap, and appointed a lackey of Eliot Spitzer to Chair the State Commission on Ethics, only to have said lackey Michael Cherkasky perpetuate the cover-up of Eliot?s cover-up. But racism as the motive for Carter?s tough analysis of Governor Paterson?s personal situation? Not a chance.