sweating it out
In this space I predicted Andrew Cuomo's current investigation into NY State's Police would likely uncover extensive misuse of NY State Police for political purposes including the leak of confidential documents which were used to destroy the political career of Congressman John Sweeny, who was opposed by the daughter of a Pataki inner-circle member's live-in boyfriend. The suicide of NY State Police Officer, Gary Berwick, who headed security patrols and did political chores for both Pataki and Governor Eliot Spitzer, should underline the gravity of Pataki's inappropriate and illegal manipulation of the State Police. Now the mysterious suicide of another State police official who died in exactly the same manner as Berwick raises new issues. The State Police assure us that the second death has nothing to do with the Cuomo Investigation. Why should anyone believe them? Former Governor Pataki said publicly that, "There was no rogue unit of the NY State Police" performing political chores. The Governor is right. His administration perverted the entire police structure from the top down. No rogue unit necessary. Former Pataki Chief of Staff Zenia Mucha is a prime target for indictment when all the facts become known. What did Berwick know? What did Pataki henchman Danny Wiese and Mucha have him do?