By ROGER J. STONE JR. The self inflicted hari-kari by Governor Eliot Spitzer when he issued an Executive Order allowing illegal immigrants to obtain New York State Drivers Licenses without proof of citizenship is perhaps the most colossal political blunder I have seen in American politics. Spitzer and his liberal intellectual advisors were shocked at the public uprising in which several Upstate County Clerks flatly refused to process applications without proof of citizenship, and the State's Republican Assembly Minority Leader threatened to sue because the Governor has circumvented the Legislature. A Driver's License can be used to rent a car or truck or open a bank account as the 9/11 hijackers used theirs for preparation for the attacks on the World Trade Center. The 19 hijackers had 38 driver's licenses between them. Spitzer, true to form, lashed out at his critics calling them "scared" and "selfish" and depicting them as the "extreme right-wing." Really? Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg and Ed Koch are extreme right-wingers? Why have Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Chuck Schumer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo all refused to comment on Spitzer's harebrained scheme? The initially polling showed nearly 60% of New Yorkers opposed this idiotic new policy. More importantly, if you examine the attitudes of suburban Catholic Democrats and Independents you will find overwhelming opposition to the Governor's plan. Those voters in a handful of Districts will determine the future control of the New York State Senate, now in Republican hands. Forty-four other States require some proof of citizenship before dispensing a Driver's License. Obviously, Governor Spitzer believes these States have extreme right-wing governments. If Spitzer's policy stands, the State will be in violation of the National ID Act of 2005 losing its certification from the Department of Homeland Security and thus jeopardizing millions in Federal Homeland Security funds for New York State, which Senator Chuck Schumer has fought so ably for. When Governor Spitzer lashed out at Mayor Michael Bloomberg he revived yet again the serious questions about his temperament for public office. It is one thing to disagree with Mayor Bloomberg's position, it is another to question the Mayor's morality and ethics as the Governor did when he yelled "[Bloomberg] is wrong at every level - dead wrong, factually wrong, legally wrong, morally wrong, ethically wrong.(1)"
(1) Gov. Spitzer: on new driver's license policy as reported in the New York Post, 9.28.07, by Kenneth Lovett