By ROGER J. STONE JR. I awoke this morning to false allegations in the New York press that I had made a threatening phone call to Governor Spitzer's 82 year old father, leaving a voice-mail message. Let me assure you I made no such call. Before you shed a tear for poor old 82 year old Mr. Spitzer, read the Weekly Standard account of his pattern of illegal loans and gifts to finance his son's campaigns. The same Spitzer operatives who were caught red-handed trying to set Senator Bruno up are now trying to set me up because they have deemed that I have been an effective advisor to Senator Bruno and the Republican Senate Campaign Committee. The only proof that such a call was received is a claim by Bernard Spitzer's lawyer. Frankly I doubt that such a call was made or received. After listening to the alleged "voicemail," the New York Times' "could not conclude that Mr. Stone's voice was on Mr. Spitzer's voice mail." The matter of the shady loans should be investigated. Eliot Spitzer perjured himself (that is lied under oath) in a deposition in a lawsuit by one of his opponents from the 1994 race regarding the source of these funds. In 1998 Spitzer ultimately admitted he was lying and admitted his father had paid off his campaign bank loans only days after he lost the Democratic Primary. Spitzer said he had executed a note to pay his father back at 7.8% interest. IN FACT SPITZER ONLY MADE PAYMENTS THROUGH THE END OF 1999 WHEN THE LOAN WAS "SUBSUMED" INTO A LARGER LOAN WITH HIS FATHER - TERMS UNKNOWN. Once the public was no longer paying attention, Daddy quietly took care of the loans - again! The Shell Game Continues. Since the bank loan was secured by REAL ESTATE gifted to Eliot Spitzer by his father, the money is all Bernard's anyway. There is no doubt that Eliot Spitzer and his father willfully circumvented the State Election Law and made a mockery of what was then a $100,000 contribution limit and then lied about it for four years. You may recall that the landlord of my apartment building held a penthouse fundraiser for the New York Democratic State Committee on June 12 in which donors were asked to bundle $94,600. I held a rival fundraiser for the New York Republican Party at $15 a head on that same date. Since that time the landlord Dale Hemmerdinger, a long time Spitzer fundraiser and appointee to the MTA, has been hostile and has hassled me through management about supposedly late rent checks. I have had an apartment at this location for (10) years. I have never had a late rent payment. Veteran employees of the building have warned me that Hemmerdinger "has it out for me". Yes, the landlord has keys and full access to my apartment which is generally vacant as I stay on an average one night a week, so a phone call could have been made from my apartment to create a record. I am reviewing the phone bill to determine whether such a call was even made. I have contacted the FBI's former top voice analyst to determine whether the so-called "voice-mail" has been edited, spliced or doctored and whether it is even my voice. He will also determine whether the tape is indeed a voice-mail or the product of some other form of audio surveillance. Are the Spitzerites capable of illegal wire tapping? I believe they are. Given my frequent appearances on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and NY-1 the fabrication of a voice tape would be simple - again people who falsify state helicopter records will falsify a voice tape. Listening to the tape there is a strange pause after "This is a message for Bernard Spitzer" leading one to believe this a cut and paste job of some kind. All of this is, of course, is an attempt to distract people from the fact that no aide to the Governor is yet to testify under oath in the Troopergate matter and no e-mail records for Spitzer and his aides have been reviewed other then the ones given to Attorney General Cuomo. Yes, I have advised Republicans to seek full disclosure. The guy who makes threatening phone calls to people is Eliot Spitzer not Roger Stone. Ask John Whitehead, Senator Larkin or Sean Hannity. On the night this call was allegedly made, I was at the theater catching the play NIXON and FROST. I highly recommend it to Governor Spitzer. It shows you what hubris and lying brings you. And that will be my last comment on the matter. ADDENDUM Through my own confusion, I thought the alleged phone call was made on a Wednesday evening which was the night I attended Nixon and Frost. I certainly know Broadway is dark on Monday nights. I was simply mistaken in understanding these bogus charges. Just the same, I recommend the play to Governor Spitzer as a cautionary tale.