BY BUDDY NEVINS Can't we all get along? It wasn't Rodney King pleading this, but the Price of Darkness himself - Roger Stone. Stone is the outspoken GOP consultant who's win at-any-cost style is nationally renowned. He hosted a luncheon on Friday for two Broward Republican activists who have been sniping at each other. If he wanted it to be a quiet get together, he shouldn't have broken bread at Bova's Prime on Las Olas. Bova's is the current watering hole for political power lunches. Stone's goal was to make sure Broward GOP Chairman Chip LaMarca and fiery GOP activist Javier Manjarres would support whoever wins the Republican U. S. Senate primary. Manjarraes was on the Rudy Giuliani team in the last election. He has founded the Conservative Republican Alliance. Manjarres is a supporter of former House Speaker Marco Rubio. LaMarca likes Gov. Charlie Crist. Word was that LaMarca wanted to hold a straw ballot to show Crist had overwhelming support among the Broward party organization. Rubio supporters cried foul, according to several sources. Enter Stone. He called the two and asked for a sit down. Stone joked that he checked behind toilet boxes in Bova's to make sure no gun was concealed, a la the "Godfather." In the end, a deal was hammered out. Rubio and Crist will be invited to speak to the Broward Republican party organization. No vote will be taken before the speeches, if ever. LaMarca vowed to support Rubio if he was nominated. Manjarres said he would "vote for Crist" if the governor got the nomination. "Peace is at hand," Stone said. "I feel like Kissinger."