George Lemieux
By Roger Stone Governor Charlie Crist's surprise selection of George LeMieux to fill Florida's vacant US Senate seat sets up an interesting dynamic which could greatly benefit the State GOP. Lemieux could serve ably as interim Senator and still jump in next year's race for Attorney General as a sitting US Senator. The Senate seat gives LeMieux the opportunity to both prove his conservative credentials and prove himself to Florida voters. With Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp a potted plant, the GOP desperately needs a strong candidate for Attorney General. LeMieux could be a strong candidate with an increased profile in Washington. While I have voiced some policy differences with the Governor on Indian Gaming and other issues, I continue to support Governor Crist and in this case, his appointment. Through the STONEzone, I advocated Crist for Vice President on the McCain ticket and defended his decision to take federal stimulus money. I continue to urge the Governor to clear the air on the Republican Party of Florida spending by ordering RPOF Chairman Jim Greer to release the itemized RPOF American Express bills, in light of the inappropriate spending by Ex-House Speaker Ray Sansom. I continue to support Governor Crist. I also outlined in some detail why I thought the US Senate race would be tougher for Crist than expected. A candidacy for any public office requires a "rationale" beyond ambition. Crist's Senate candidacy, while formidable, has yet to provide voters with that rationale. I gave an exclusive interview to US Report outlining why I think the Seminole Indian compact announced on Tuesday is a bad deal for Florida, the implications of the appointment of LeMieux and my decision to support the Governor's appointment. You can read it at