Cherkasky: Chairman NY State
Commission on Public Integrity &
Spitzer hatchet man
By Roger Stone Mike Cherkasky, Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity and a longtime hatchet man and stooge for former Governor Eliot Spitzer, is trying to defeat sweeping ethics reform legislation now in the New York State Senate. Cherkasky became the head of Marsh McLennan the insurance giant only when his pal Spitzer blackmailed the company and made it a condition of settlement of charges against the company. Marsh was also compelled to acquire the company where Cherkasky worked, Kroll and Associates, at an inflated price of $1.8 billion when its market cap was a mere $250,000. Cherkasky didn't last long at that job. He parachuted with millions of dollars of stock and a contract buyout, ironic in view of Spitzer's unsuccessful crusade against New York Stock Exchange Chairman Ken Grasso for "excessive compensation." Cherkasky tried as Chairman to continue the cover up of Eliot Spitzer and his top aides efforts to both monitor and cook the results of a Public Integrity Commission investigation into Spitzer's abuse of the New York State Police, the fabrication of State documents and his efforts to smear former Majority Leader Joseph L Bruno, as documented by New York State Inspector General and respected former Judge Joseph Fisch. Cherkasky ironically argues that the ethics reform package before the State Senate does not insulate the process from politics when his attempt to cover up Spitzer's abuse of power is the political play of all time. The best aspect of the Senate Ethics Reform package is that this jerk will not be in a position to abuse authority again.