By Roger J. Stone Jr.

Governor David Paterson
Anyone who has meet New York Governor David Paterson will concede that he is a nice guy and an imminently likable person. Since being thrust into the Governor's chair, he has sadly made a series of missteps, miscalculations and political errors that make his prospects for reelection dim. He has raised taxes, increased spending and still needs billions more in budget cuts. Professional Democrats are frustrated by Paterson's failure to leave center stage; in Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Democrats have a certain winner who would swamp any Republican and begin a new era for New York Democrats. While Paterson has failed to galvanize an African American base (Cuomo would lead Paterson by 2 to 1 among African American Primary voters), Cuomo's political comeback in the Empire State has been remarkable and the Attorney General has demonstrated the political discipline missing from his earlier campaign for Governor. The New York Daily News charted Cuomo's remarkable comeback in significant pieces this weekend.
Attorney General
Andrew Cuomo