By Roger Stone

ACORN's Lewis - controls the WFP
Last week was both good and bad for the leftist "activism for profit and power" leadership of ACORN. Their tentacles will finally reach New York City Hall - and the Pension funds of New York City when the Democratic nominees for Public Advocate and City Comptroller, both of whom owe their nomination to the ACORN front - the New York Working Families Party, are elected this November. At the same time a scandal started to unravel in an upstate New York county where for the first time ACORN is under the scrutiny of a District Attorney who is not a Democrat cross-endorsed by the WFP. Make no mistake about it - the so called Working Families Party, a Party with no County chairman or County committees, a Party with no unpaid workers, is merely a front for ACORN. They share the same office and addresses. ACORN Executive Director Bertha Lewis is the Co-Chair and de-facto boss of the well heeled little "Party." Labor pours in millions to leverage the Democratic Party to the Left....on their issues. With New York deeply in the hole and with state revenue dropping sharply, there is no discussion of cutting the state's bloated labor costs. The WFP has no shortage of cash. Indeed the ACORN's founder embezzled $1 Million dollars but ACORN elected not to prosecute him for fear of a court laying their financial books and records bare. Because of the unique nature of New York State election law, candidates are allowed to be endorsed and appear on the voting machine ballot as the candidate of multiple Parties, winning the cumulative total of all votes cast for that candidate on multiple Party lines. Minor Parties such as the Conservative, Liberal and Right-to-Life Party have played significant roles in New York politics. The WFP is the tail that wags the New York Democratic Dog. The volunteer and club-house machinery of the Democratic Party of Al Smith, Franklin Roosevelt has to rely on a paid canvas of voters for their nominees. The WFP gained greater respectability when Hillary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer each made their deal for the Party's backing. The WFP uses all the classic ACORN voter fraud techniques: forged absentee ballots, rounding up "homeless" voters, fake voter enrollment and multiple voting by ringers. W henever busted for their illegal activities, ACORN claims it is all news to them and the act of a few misguided employees who have been fired; not likely. Democrats with the WFP endorsement win primaries against those who don't by dint of the WFP/ACORN canvass. The WFP demands fealty to a "soak the rich" economic agenda and minimum wage law "reforms" with an escalator clause the guarantees the future bankruptcy of small and middle size business in the Empire State. Governor Paterson himself caved to a demand by WFP that taxes be raised on upper incomes to solve the State's budget deficit after months of Paterson publicly opposing the idea for its guarantee of driving business, and capital, from the State. Last Week John Liu, a New York City Councilman, won the Democratic City Primary run-off for Comptroller while City Councilman Bill de Blasio ended the frenetic political career of Mark Green in the Public Advocate's primary. Both Liu and de Blasio cheated the Public Campaign Finance system in a WFP arrangement the New York Daily News called "a campaign finance Scam" by paying a for-profit campaign consulting firm, controlled by the Working Families Party, a discounted price for the expense of canvassers. Liu will have trouble letting ACORN dip into the pension funds the New York City Comptroller controls; too much attention for the WFP's activities in the run-off caused Liu to pledge he wouldn't invest in anything ACORN rel ated, which could have not have made his puppet-masters back at ACORN headquarters in Brooklyn too happy.

Hynes: Does he have the
balls to pursue ACORN?
So far the worst of the Working Families Party/ACORN's atrocities have been in New York City counties where the Democratic District Attorney's have all enjoyed the support and endorsement of WFP. That Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes says he will look into the Brooklyn based ACORN gives one little comfort. Hynes has enjoyed WFP/ACORN endorsement. Ironically this is the same Charles J. Hynes who put away the Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman for trading the Party nomination for a judgeship for a political consulting contract from the judicial candidate to a favored vendor, precisely what the WFP has done in the City Comptroller and Public Advocate races. But there are ominous clouds on ACORN's horizon. An upstate judge in Rensselaer County appointed a Special Prosecutor to look into WFP related absentee ballot fraud in a county election. Now the Working Families Party will be investigated in a county where the District Attorney is not a Democrat and can't be pressured with the threat of loss of WFP endorsement or, as the WFP did in Albany County, intervention in the Democratic Party primary to replace an unfriendly DA. Dislodging the WFP in the Empire State will be a long and difficult fight, but ultimately the "Party's" scamming of the State's campaign finance laws will be prosecuted in a county with an unbiased prosecutor. *** ROGER STONE, a veteran of eight national Republican Presidential campaigns, is the editor and publisher of