By Roger Stone

Spitzer: Still not in jail
Longtime Spitzer hatchet-man and toady Michael G. Cherkasky ? Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity ? at Cherkasky?s direction, the Commission voted to fine Dopp $10,000 which Dopp refuse to pay and is vowing to fight in court. This could be excellent if Spitzer is called as a witness to testify as to who said what to whom. Extensive e-mails ultimately released after Spitzer?s fall showed the short-tempered and foul mouthed Spitzer was a control freak who approved and ordered the dirty trick to besmirch Bruno, his political opponent. Other Spitzer groupies quietly paid their fines but Prince Eliot, our would-be first Jewish President, has skated for his abuse of power. Dopp refuses to be the fall guy. He?s the John Dean of this drama. It?s just another example of rich brat Spitzer being treated differently than everyone else involved in the crash from Kristin Davis, who supplied him girls and who spent four months in Rikers Island and forfeited millions, to the owners and operators of the VIP Emperor?s Club who pled guilty while Spitzer skated. I am once again not saying he should be charged as a John, which recognizing, as New York libs like to point out, is rarely if ever prosecuted, but rather for money laundering and for violation of the Mann Act, for which a former State Supreme Court Justice was recently convicted; running a hooker over state lines to boff her in another state.

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