By Roger Stone

Scott Rothstein
Needless to say my phone has been ringing off the hook regarding the spectacular fall of Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Scott Rothstein. Rothstein and I were partners in RRA Consulting, an LLC which was set up to provide public affairs assistance to the RRA law firm's legal clients. Unfortunately that business never generated any clients. Having spent time with Rothstein, I am at a loss to understand why a serious investor would give huge sums of money to a venture he created. Rothstein had no prior business success, no business acumen nor track record that would engender confidence in an investor. He could not read a balance sheet. He could not write or read a business plan. Rothstein was a lawyer, not an entrepreneur. Rothstein always seemed to me to be more interested in the 'appearance' of success and influence rather than the reality of either. Speculation that he will plea-bargain utilizing inside information that he has about political corruption surrounding Governor Crist are laughable. Crist, and Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer, saw Rothstein as a 'pigeon,' milking him for contributions but certainly never consulting Rothstein about political or governmental matters. Scott Rothstein never picked Judges; he just went around telling people he did. While Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler is certainly a highly capable law firm of talented and professional individuals, there was never any evidence that the firm generated the kind of revenue that Rothstein was spending on real-estate, exotic cars, wrist-watches, charitable contributions, political contributions, jewelry, watercraft, designer clothing and multiple luxury homes in Fort Lauderdale and New York City. Rothstein's spending became so profligate that one year ago I retained Adam Mangino, a former DEA Agent, to investigate and determine the source of Rothstein's new found wealth. While Mangino could not determine the source of Rothstein's wild spending, he did advise me that the money was not Rothstein's. I asked Rothstein to dissolve RRA Consulting LLC a year ago and his sponsorship of the STONEzone ended July 29th of this year. I am not an investor in any of his schemes and can't believe anyone in their right-mind would entrust him with investor money. Over time Rothstein's wild spending and outrageous behavior in public coupled with his dysfunctional habit of not returning phone calls, text messages or emails from his law partners, colleagues, business associates, and members of Broward County's power elite, ultimately bought him down. His yelling at the top of his lungs in restaurants, threatening reporters, and garish $300 hand painted neck-ties, coupled with ADD so severe he never finished a martini, a cigar, a thought, or a sentence, never mind a transaction, did not endear him to those in business or political circles. I feel very badly for Stuart Rosenfeldt, a founding partner at RRA who served as my deputy in the 1976 Reagan Presidential campaign. Rosenfeldt is an honest and highly capable lawyer who, although a partner in RRA, was not privy to the financial records of the law firm and was not involved in Rothstein's business activities. Neither law firm name partner Russell Adler nor Stuart Rosenfeldt were signatories on the RRA Trust Account. Used to spending big dollars to ensure that his name and picture appeared in vanity magazines and charity programs, for the first time in his life, Scott Rothstein has gotten publicity he hasn't paid for.