By Roger Stone

Bill Brock was introduced to everyone at the RRA law firm as Rothstein's uncle, although whether that is true is unknown. What is known is that Brock's job at RRA was to issue checks for Rothstein's various ventures and contributions. Brock had the sole security pass for the area where records of Rothstein's non-law firm businesses were kept - other than Rothstein himself. Where is Uncle Bill? If this is what Rothstein is going to plea-bargain with, he is an even worse lawyer than he is a businessman. $16 million is a pittance when you've stolen $500 million. My own disillusionment with Rothstein began in the final days of the 2008 race for Broward County Sheriff. I agreed to help appointed Sheriff Al Lamberti at a private meeting in the projection room of Rothstein's home in which Lamberti Aides, Tom Wheeler and David Benjamin, asked for my help. "We're cops," said Wheeler. "We don't know anything about getting elected." Rothstein arranged for a contribution from his partner Tony Bova to a pro-Lamberti electioneering campaign committee. I believe that contribution to be perfectly legal. Democrat Scott Israel should have been an easy victor in the 6-1 Democratic County which Obama carried by a record 350,000 votes. Imagine my shock when days before the election RRA lawyers Stuart Rosenfeldt and David Boden contributed $160,000 to an electioneering campaign supporting Democrat Scott Israel. I am certain the money was a pass through from Rothstein as neither lawyer has that kind of wealth. With a skillful and perfectly executed campaign, Lamberti won the overwhelming Democrat ic county, which required 350,000 voters to switch to the Republican line after voting for Obama. Rothstein never explained the double-cross. Lamberti knew Rothstein tried to screw him at the last minute. Rothstein blamed the contributions on Ken Jenne which was ridiculous as Rothstein had never relied on Jenne's political advice before. Scott Israel and Scott Rothstein lost. It was in November of last year that I retained a private investigator to try to determine the source of Rothstein's wild spending. Upon entering a room, Rothstein was like Rodney Dangerfield at the country club in Caddyshack, throwing money around, tipping parking valets $100 and generally acting like a douche. The investigator advised me that Rothstein's money had to be coming from private ventures and not from the law-firm and he doubted any of it was Rothstein's. Although Rothstein complained bitterly when Florida GOP Chairman spent party funds on lavish food, drinks, limousines, luxury jet travel, five-star resorts, premium cigars and five-star restaurants, he still gave the RPOF $100,000 in January of 2009 when Governor Crist, who now claims he barely knew Rothstein, called and asked for it. Chump. The last straw was Rothstein's unilateral decision to support Democrat Alex Sink for Governor. Rothstein insisted I had to support Sink and told me he had a commitment from Sink that he and Broward money man Austin Forman would "pick all her gubernatorial appointments" and "all the judges." I declined to support Sink who is a disaster as a candidate and would be no better as Governor.