I come to praise Hillary, not to bury her. I am a vocal critic of Senator Clinton but I must admit she has demonstrated true grit and Nixonian-like tenacity in the face of adversity. She has soldiered on cheerfully in the face of growing odds against her. She has improved as a speaker and campaigner. She has faced down ridicule in the wake of her own atrocious lies about Bosnian sniper fire. She has put close to $10 million of her own money into her campaign. She did it all with good-natured grace. Saddled with a Chief Strategist Mark Penn, who looks like a wax-pear that sat on a radiator too long and hasn't a clue about how to get a President elected, Hillary has soldiered on as her campaign made mistake after mistake. Penn's failure to compete in Caucus States with proportional Delegates splits will cost her the nomination. But, absent Barack Obama stepping on a land-mine, she cannot be nominated. She has, by her performance as a candidate and her close wins in key States, earned another shot at the nomination. She should embrace defeat at the Convention and return to the Senate. She should avoid running for a leadership position. She should campaign sparingly for Obama while claiming otherwise (the Gore treatment). If Obama is defeated in 2008, she should let New York Democrats draft her for Governor in 2010 when David Paterson ends his term and chooses not to run in the face of bad poll numbers and lack of cash. She can appoint David Paterson to the Senate seat which she will vacate after being sworn in as Governor. The Governorship provides both executive experience and a fulcrum for raising the money for a 2012 run.