By Roger Stone

Paterson: Pushing
You aren't suppose to say it if you are gay, but the New York Democratic Party, having taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gay community to win control of the New York State Senate, is double-crossing New York gays and lesbians in their quest to pass a marriage equality bill. When Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle began to question the Democrats commitment to passing a gay marriage bill on October 22nd, his allies in the Democratic Party, Senator Tom Duane and Senator Eric Schneiderman could promise only a vote by the end of the year. Claims by openly gay Senator Thomas K. Duane that he has the votes to pass a bill are false. Although there are discussions going on with a handful of Republican Senators, proponents are still missing at least six Democrats It is completely unrealistic to believe that de facto Senate Leader John Sampson can corral all Democrats excluding Senator Ruben Diaz. Given the racial and upstate/downstate divisions in the Senate Majority Caucus, it is unlikely that Sampson can exert the influence to deliver the all eight of the Democrats who are opposed or uncommitted today. Despite leadership by Governor David Paterson who has pushed relentlessly for a gay marriage bill and who has reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions because of it, Senate Democrats will defy one of the most important constituencies in their party. If gays and lesbians are going to be realistic about pursuing a political agenda, they need a bi-partisan approach that includes cultivating friends in the Republican Party. As long as gay political action organizations are shills for the Democrats, their political victory across America will not be realized. POST NOTE: The Democratic held Senate defeated gay marriage on December 2nd. The gay community poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into electing a Democratic majority.