by Roger Stone Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer continues to make the rounds of "safe" media interviews - that is interviews with liberal media outlets where the interviewer will ask him about the Fed, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Wall Street but won't ask him about the $80,000 a year he spent on prostitutes while he was the highest law enforcement officer in the State, as well as Governor, his use of multiple escort services, his misuse of the State Police to spy on his political opponents, and the illegal loans from his father that financed his political career or his physical abuse of individual call girls. The icing on the cake was Spitzer's lecture at the Edmond J. Safra Center for ETHICS at Harvard. Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig breathlessly said Spitzer was "the most important living Prosecutor on a wide range of corruption." Wrong. Clearly Professor Lessig is only familiar with the image created by the New York media for the "Sheriff of Wall Street" and not the reality of his record. Eliot Spitzer functioned as a blackmailer of business as Attorney General. He required companie s and individuals to plead to offenses they had not committed lest he destroy the value of your company or enterprise through leak or press release. Most execs rolled-over rather than lose everything. Those who chose to fight - Ken Langone, Hank Greenberg, Richard Grasso and others, defeated the Steamroller in court. His record at trial was abysmal. More importantly, while Spitzer was chasing the barons of Wall Street - the actual responsibility of the U.S. Attorney - the Madoff Scandal unfolded under his very nose. Perhaps it is because the Spitzer family Trust invested with Madoff, and got all their money back, that Spitzer never pursued the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history. Nor did Spitzer recognize the corruption of the State Comptroller Alan Hevesi who was allowing his political advisors to collect multi-million dollars fees for the placement of New York State Pension fund. The Sheriff indeed. Last week Bernard Spitzer, Eliot's father and the illegal financier of his son's political career who predicted Eliot would be the "first Jewish President," went to court to appeal a verdict in which the old man was found guilty of firing four African American doormen at one of his luxury residential buildings because of the color of their skin. Firing people because of their race is illegal in New York State but Bernard, like Eliot, thinks the laws don't apply to him because of his wealth. Contacted by the STONEzone, one of the four men fired, Anthony Haydenn said "If Bernard Spitzer succeeds in overturning the judgment against me, I guarantee you civil disobedience at his funeral. There will be 100 African American protestors to make sure all New Yorkers know Bernard Spitzer was a bigoted, racist prick." Meanwhile, I continue to hear that Spitzer is weighing a race for New York State Comptroller. Bring it on, Eliot! I can't wait.