People don't really recognize the extent to which Fort Lauderdale lawyer and accused Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein was a showman. Rothstein had a way of being the center of attention in any room or setting. He was loud, gregarious and affectionate. He kissed male and female acquaintances and signed all his closing correspondence "Love Ya." He was also immensely talented. Among the assets seized by the government were a collection of electric guitars; Fender Stratocaster, a Gretsch Hollow Body with dual pick-ups, and a Vox-guitar in the shape of a triangle. Rothstein could play and sing like a pro. I was invited to an evening charity dinner in which Rothstein was billed as the principal entertainment. Scott was scheduled to play the piano and sing in-between sets by a live band. The day before the event, the Chairwoman asked me if I would do five minutes of stand-up prior to Rothstein's performance. I agreed and began polishing a routine. The next morning the Chairwoman called back with embarrassment and told me that my services would not be needed. It seems Rothstein had to be the only act. That night Rothstein turned in a flawless performance that would have won on American Idol. He played the piano and sang the Beatles standard "Let It Be." You could hear a pin drop and he got a well deserved standing ovation. When I first reconnected with Stuart Rosenfeldt after many years and he introduced me to Rothstein, Stuart said "Scott has to be the only Alpha dog." And so it was. PS. I would have killed.