by Roger J. Stone, Jr. Where is the Charlie Crist who ran for Governor in 2006? That Charlie Crist was focused on a set agenda, optimistic and approachable. His goals for Florida were clear. Now in the U.S. Senate race, he sounds petulant and even arrogant. He needs to avoid the hubris of his fellow Governor, Eliot Spitzer. In the interest of full disclosure I am supporting Crist?s bid for the U.S. Senate but my wife, Nydia Bertran de Espinosa, AKA Nydia Stone, a fiery Cuban-American, is supporting Marco Rubio. Yet the Governor?s candidacy disappoints. When he appointed his protégé and former Chief of Staff to the U.S. Senate, he was asked whether it was problematic that former Attorney General Jim Smith, a lawyer/lobbyist, had to list his client to be considered for the Senate appointment, while LeMieux, a lawyer / consultant, didn't. The Tan one simply said "No" and ended the news conference. When confronted with a precise pattern of political donations to the Republican Party of Florida, and Judicial appointment favored by Scott Rothstein the accused Fort Lauderdale $1B Ponzi schemer, my one-time partner who went onto the bigger (but not better) things, Charlie barked, "absurd" at the Miami Herald?s Marc Caputo. Not "categorically not true." Problem is, no one knows what GOP BOSS Jim Greer may have told Rothstein or extracted from him. GOP finance heavyweight, Al Hoffman, joined the bandwagon of those telling Greer to take a powder. Speaking of powder, Tallahassee rumors swirl about a sworn affidavit from lady who used to dance at a club Greer part-owned that says Greer snorted coke off her ass. But worst of all, Governor Crist won't debate his challenger Marco Rubio. That is a "f*ck you" to every Republican Primary voter. Big mistake.