by Roger J. Stone, Jr. Normally I like the New York Post's Andrea Peyser. She's a sassy writer who tells it like it is and isn't afraid to challenge the politically correct or break the china. When it comes to Eliot Spitzer's comeback however, she is wrong. He may run but he will never again win a position of public trust. That's because his swift resignation cut off the surfacing of Tiger-like details about his $80,000 a year hooker habit that he knows went on when he was Attorney General, as well as Governor. Other than his fashionably questionable black socks, his kinkiness reportedly included a "choke the bitch" fetish and he wanted to engage in un-safe sex. He also tried to engage the girls in anal sex without the usual pre-agreed up-charge. Girls and sworn affidavits will come out of the woodwork. More importantly, voters will be reminded of Spitzer's role in Troopergate, where he and his campaign aides, with the complicity of the Albany Times Union Newspaper and the New York State Police, tried to smear his political opponents using taxpayer dollars. Spitzer lied about his involvement until e-mails released after his resignation showed he himself ordered the dirty tricks smear campaign against the Senate Republican Leader. Voters were spared this as he was out of office by the time the facts and his lies were revealed. For those who forget the partisan and unprofessional role of the Albany Times Union go to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's report on Troopergate HERE. Spitzer's top aides were all fined by the State for their roll but the Times Union get's off scot-free. Then there is the shady financing of his two campaigns for Attorney General where large and illegal loans from his father were denied for two years until Client number 9 came clean. Spitzer also opens his vaunted record as Attorney General where he wasted time pursuing Hank Greenberg, Ken Langone and Richard Grasso while Bernie Madoff stole billions under his nose and Alan Hevesi's advisors were stealing millions from the New York Pension funds. I really hope he runs. All these issues will be addressed in the campaign. Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam who supplied call girls for Spitzer says she will enter the Democratic Primary for Comptroller if Spitzer runs. Suspect it will be interesting.