by Roger Stone The New York Times has plenty of smug, annoying and fashionably liberal writers but none can top Gail Collins for ad hominem attacks, condescending snootiness and a false belief in her insights - all them "of the moment" Manhattan conventional wisdom. Collins' recent attack against Connecticut Independent Senator Joe Lieberman reached a new low. Because Collins doesn't agree with Lieberman in the Healthcare debate, or his general moderation, she assails him as 'stupid,' going to so far as to crib an attack on Lieberman from the New Republic's Jonathan Chiat that the Senator "isn't really all that smart." Then she goes on to quote a former Connecticut Comptroller and two-time loser for Governor, Bill Curry, criticizing Lieberman for lack of knowledge. Really? Lieberman beat a sitting incumbent U.S. Senator and his work in the Senate got him selected for the national ticket. Curry, who's Dick Morris -led campaigns for Governor went nowhere, is a jealous hack. Joe Lieberman owes the Left and the Democratic Party nothing. He was elected, to the chagrin of Collins and the New York Times, by Republicans, Independents and a minority of Democrats, in the Nutmeg State. Attacking someone for stupidity because you can't make substantive argument against their views is the literary technique of a school-year bully. Collins goes on to praise Senator John Kerry, a stiff without the brains to come in out of the rain, who is so dumb that Karl Rove made short work of him in a race Kerry should have won. Kerry still doesn't know what hit him, particularly since serial-presidential campaign loser, Bob Shrum, told him on Election Day afternoon that he would be President. Not surprising for Collins; she trashed Eliot Spitzer after he got caught with his pants on only to call for his appointment to a high government position over seeing the economy when that became more fashionable among the liberal demimonde who are trying to re-write the history of why he went down. HINT- it had nothing to do with subprime mortgages.