Every year Hollywood designer and arbiter of fashion, Mr. Richard Blackwell, published his list of the ten best and worst dressed people in the demimonde. Mr. Blackwell has since gone to his maker, but the STONEzone refuses to let this fine tradition die. Last year we published our first 10 BEST AND WORST DRESSED PEOPLE in the world. It was well received. You will notice that our TEN BEST AND WORST dressed list contains liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. The STONEzone may lean right, and I personally dress right, but our style choices are completely non-ideological. Great style knows no ideology. We didn't take politics into consideration and even give a posthumous listing to Ted Kennedy who continued the great New England based preppy style of his brothers. Fashion hasn't improved much in 2009. The Obama's have imparted a low-key American style that is almost as monochromatic as the President's suits and ties. It's tasteful, understated and never loud. The Zone has compiled its second official list of the BEST and WORST dressed men and women of 2009. However, first a word regarding the sorry state of fashion in America, and the very few who can plausibly claim to be true possessors of style. Americans cared deeply about proper dressing in the 1930s, 40s and even the 50s. The 60's, a decade fashion forgot, also began a trend of informality that devolved over time from slovenliness in the 90s to dishevelment in the 2000's. No matter how many times Details tells you to wear white sneakers with a tux........don't do it. The sheer number of men who will go out in public in a wife-beater is staggering. Very few can look like a young Marlon Brando but men still crowd casinos, bars, malls and sport events in this "outfit." The task of then sifting the real dandies from our society-the men and women, who think about dressing without ever appearing to think about dressing, is more difficult than it appears. This nonchalance, this insouciant nature of dress must look effortless - like you "threw" it together. In compiling a list of the best and worst dressed people in the world, we try to avoid "costume" which some celebrities, like Tom Wolfe and Lady Gaga, utilize as part of their persona. Tom Wolfe's manner of dress is Old World, his taste exquisite, his tailoring impeccable, but it's still costume. SO then, here they are - the 10 BEST AND WORST DRESSED MEN OF 2009


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA - Heads our list for the second year. His personal style is comfortable, understated, American and almost monochromatic. Never extreme, never loud, never bright, it's the somber look you want in a President. He wears a two button soft shoulder suit in the American style.
JUDE LAW - The young movie star is the heir to an Anglo-American style of dressing pioneered by Ronald Coleman, David Niven, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Well-cut suits and formal wear hangs just right on Law's lithe frame. His choice of fabrics and single breasted styles with a foulard muffler ties, Ascot style and gloves, show the English Gentlemen.
LARRY KUDLOW - Also hits the list for the second time. CNBC's economic talking head is as well turned out as he is fast on his feet jousting against the spenders and taxers. Refined good taste but a boldness in the choice of neckwear that always makes a statement.
WILLIE BROWN - The former Mayor of San Francisco is the most dapper man west of the Mississippi. The co-ordination of impeccably cut suits with waistcoats (vests to you heathens) coupled with his extensive collection of head wear is breathtaking. Willie Brown always has the slight tilt of his Homburg or Fedora just right. You can see how he dominated the Legislature!
JAY-Z - Sure he's got the hip-hop style but its Carter the businessman that made our list. His tailoring is tight; spread collar shirts featuring a perfectly dimpled slightly wider tie. Boardroom or courtside, Jay-Z isn't a businessman; he's a business, man.
RICK BURT - Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, journalist, and International businessman, does European-style with an American twist. From the tip of his highly polished handmade John Lobb shoes to the perfect way his collar is laid on his upper back with nary a roll of fabric; this is Intercontinental perfection.
ELIOT SPITZER - YES Client # 9 is on the list for the second year. While we admit we'd rather see him in prison stripes, he still personifies a heavily European influenced Upper East Side gentleman. Collars a bit loose but Hermes ties and somber blues with a soft shoulder suits - a bit stiff but deeply conservative, unlike his sexual side.
JEFF HORWITZ - High powered deal lawyer at white-shoe Proskauer Rose, this attorney does formal business dress as well as a casual look with equal panache. You might find him in black Berluti shoes, tight fitting jeans, a white dress shirt, slate grey cashmere v-neck and a fine cut chalk striped medium grey jacket with a blue scarf on a country weekend. The best mix of Italian, English and American sensibilities.
GEORGE CLOONEY - Has morphed in to this generation's Cary Grant with a spare, clean and refined style which requires crisp white shirts, silky ties and muted color that is always in good taste. It's an easy California influenced look that looks relaxed. Playing lawyers and fixers in the movies only adds to the perfection of smooth, suave this look connotes.
EDWARD M. KENNEDY - A posthumous award. Ted Kennedy continued the Ivy League preppy New England style of brothers Jack and Bobby. All American full-cut Brooks Brothers sack suits, crisp short collar shirts, regimental stripe ties and cable knit sweaters, were the mode of all the young brothers. By the time Teddy became the Lion in Winter, he still cut a well dressed swath on the Senate floor in dark well-cut full chested suits worn by his still athletic figure; his later-year girth which he fought with dieting and carefully hidden by fine tailoring.
The Worst MICHAEL MOORE - Please someone just shoot him. The man gives the word "slob" a new meaning; slovenly.
LARRY KING - What is with the black shirt, black ties, black suspenders look? Does Larry think he's Johnny Cash? Larry has taste - all of it bad. Monochromatic works in light collars like shades of gray. With bright or hot colors you look like you are in the cast of Good Fellas. Wise up Larry.
SIMON COWELL - Can you say man-boobs? This guys looks like a wax pear that sat on a radiator too long. Has he ever done a sit-up? I swear he is buying out of the INTERNATIONAL MALE catalog.
JESSE VENTURA - I understand the feather boa in his wrestling days but as Jesse the body emerges as the head of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists or "truthers", he looks like a homeless Hulk Hogan on his latest cable TV interviews. The bald with a ponytail look is so...still bald. Baggy sweat pants: Good for gym, bad for National TV.
CHUCK SCHUMER - Did he sleep in that suit? Probably. Between making fundraising calls to Special Interests for fat campaign contributions, Chuck Schumer sleeps until he awakes to make more calls. And his suits look like it. Baggy kneed. Threadbare. Meiskeit
SCOTT ROTHSTEIN - The accused PONZI scammer and Ft. Lauderdale lawyer/politico dropped a fortune at Mano de Mario, a high end Italian men's specialty store in Ft. Lauderdale. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen money to buy Italian clothing which never fit his portly body type properly. Throw in the orange lizard cowboy boots or the odd Western shirt, and it bordered on clownishness. What's the adage - you can't buy taste.


CARLA BRUNI - The wife of the French President has a casual and a sexy style that is continental, chic, and understated. This stunning beauty has what men call a "Just f*cked" look of quiet satisfaction that makes anything look good on her.
HALLE BERRY - Short and chic, Ms. Berry understands her body and can always be counted on to select stunning outfits that accentuate her incredible legs. Formal or cocktail length, the lady is a champ.
SOPHIA LOREN - Although she is seldom seen in public these days, when she is seen she wears high end Italian couture like no one else. This raven haired beauty is somehow sexier in her clothes than she would be au natural. If you have seen photos of her in a garter belt and silk seamed stockings, you have seen feminine perfection.
ANGELINA JOLIE - Her second year on our list of the International ten best dressed women. As her husband's dress and grooming becomes scruffier and less appealing, Angelina moves on to more refined outfits that accentuate the incredible small of her back. Always appropriate for the occasion, Angelina knows you can never really be overdressed.
RACHEL UCHITEL ? This party girl or VIP hostess has looked stunning in every bit of her fifteen minutes as the first of Tiger?s ?bimbo eruptions.? This one is no bimbo but a savvy dresser whose clothing is perfect for the slightly older California blonde type who looks good whether ducking the media in a dress and pumps or cavorting on Palm Beach in a Gucci string bikini.
ANNETTE BENING - Always smart, always classic, always tasteful and always stunning, Mrs. Warren Beatty keeps that wolf at home with her charming yet sexy bearing - not easy when you are married to one of the great Lotharios in history.
BEYONCÉ - She joins her husband on the list this year; sassy and playful in both her daywear and for formal occasions she never pales next to Jay-Z's haberdashery which is the finest. No one pulls off a spaghetti strap like she does.
NANCY REAGAN - A broken hip has mended nicely and on those occasions when Nancy Reagan lunches with her lady friends in Beverly Hills, she still shows why she has appeared on best dressed women's lists since the 1960's, and deserves to. Never over the top but clean, has classic, beautifully cut clothing with a definite California influence.
MARIA SHRIVER - Continues the tradition of well dressed Kennedy women. Her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, wore tweed like no one else and always looked smart when her husband was a high ranking advisor to JFK. Maria has inherited her mother's basic good taste and spectacular polished grooming. She never is overshadowed by the Terminator.
SARAH PALIN - Her second year on the list which must mean she was able to hold on to some of that clothing the McCain campaign stupidly paid $150,000 for. No one, of course, ever proved that Governor Palin ordered or approved the clothes. Regardless, she looks great in jeans and boots, in a hunting jacket, a sleek business suit or an evening gown. It's an American look that's very Western influenced - but then she is from Alaska.
The Worst SARAH SILVERMAN - What is with the hoodies? Way, way, way too butch unless she is going that way after the breakup of Jimmy Kimmel.
GLORIA STEINEM - Where is the hip feminist of the seventies? Her skin is still beautiful but that hair and those outfits are so Haight Ashbury. No sign of the style she exhibited with her yellow tinted aviator glasses in her heyday.
ROSIE O'DONNELL - Does she go out of her way to wear things that make her ass look so big you can see it from outer space? On this one the Donald is right.
IVANA TRUMP - Somebody tell Ivana the big shoulders/bright color palette thing is so over. Gaudy as a gypsy and made up like a clown, she is becoming like her husband, a caricature of herself. Imagine Ivana gets thrown off the plane and the would-be Christmas terrorist bomber doesn't.
RHIANNA - My dear what happened? You were on last year's BEST list! But somehow you've gotten too...ghetto. And Taylor Swift has vaulted ahead in your age bracket. If Swift is not being styled but picking her own clothes, she could make next year's list.