By Roger Stone

Will Rothstein sink Sink?
Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein's decision to plead guilty in the billion dollar PONZI scam that he perpetrated on innocent investors is ominous news for Florida Democratic candidate Alex Sink. So far, Sink's office seems to be the only governmental or political entity that did any favors for the Rothstein law firm in return for giant campaign contributions. Rothstein gave the Florida Democratic Party $200,000. Sink's Chief of Staff pulled strings to get Rothstein's law firm on a bid list for lucrative legal work.[1] (Sink's Deputy Helped Law Firm; Miami Herald) Believe me, this is one of the largest size donation the FDP has receive in a long time. Did Sink lean on her appointed receivers to utilize the services of Rothstein's laws firm? I was assured by Rothstein that she did and that was a major factor in his decision to bolt the Republican Party and support Sink. Rothstein essentially became a Democrat after John McCain's defeat. Rothstein and his wife gave $9,600 to Harry Reid who unlike Charlie Crist has not returned the money. Consider this on top of Rothstein's claim that he and Broward Democratic power broker Austin Foreman would pick all Judges in a Sink Administration and the path ahead seems problematic for Sink. Will Rothstein sink Sink? [1]