By Roger Stone

GREER: Grabbed a quick $150,000
The Idea that Jim Greer, the embattled Florida Republican State Chairman was removed from office by right-winger in some ideological jihad, is a joke. Rather than being a moderate Republican martyr, Greer was removed for financial improprieties, political incompetence and the worst people skill since Simon Cowell. One look at soon-to-be former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer's campaign for re-election tells you everything you need to know about this shady character. Essentially a contest with only a minimal number of votes required of the RPOF Executive Committee, locking up the votes, with a heavy assist from a sitting Republican Governor who has a traditional prerogative of naming the State Party chief, is done by phone and isn't expensive. Yet Greer raised $339,000 from an incredible array of lobbyists, gaming, healthcare and insurance interests interested in currying favors with the Governor. Ponzi scammer Scott Rothstein who told me personally he was disgusted by Greer's propensity for charter jets, five-star hotels and restaurants and fine vintages, gave among the largest donations - $10,000. Rothstein did have an eye though, he said "this guy Greer is a first-class asshole," over Martini's at Bova one evening.

STEELE: Running in 2010?
Of course Steele's quiet campaign to position himself as a Presidential candidate has been slowed down by a series of recent gaffes and miscued by the RNC Chairman. Steele feels victories this November will give him a cleansing with Party Leaders currently upset with him. RNC Chairman Michael Steele kicked in $15,000 from his own campaign fund - a stunning intercession in a State Party contest where he ought to be neutral. Steele is weighing running for President himself if he can take credit for the Party rebounding in the 2010 elections. The same Republican consultants who were looting Republican National Committee until the Party elders put formal spending restraints on Chairman Steele are pushing this idea. Steele is making himself friends anywhere in Florida by hanging with Greer. Unfortunately, a stunning $150,000 of this slush fund was paid to.... Jim Greer for "expense reimbursement." Wanna bet he couldn't produce receipts for the IRS? Greer's right hand man Delmar Johnson, a sweaty 300 pounder and prodigious blogger under pseudo - all of them saying what a great man Greer is, who has never missed a meal, was paid over $51,000 in "consulting services and expenses." Right. More outrageous are the donations from the army of direct-mail vendors, consultants and pollsters who kicked in at least $66,000 for the right to milk the RPOF for goods and services at inflated prices. Hmmm. Who's kicking back to Greer when you're charging RPOF $2.75 cents for a piece of voter mail and $1.50 cents for a voter phone call? On the other hand, Greer had to loot his own campaign. Donations to RPOF slowed to a trickle after the Tan One decided to abandon the Governor's race for a problematic Senate run and donors became aware of Big Jim's spending habits. Crist's effusive praise at Greer's resignation leads me to question whether the Governor has the judgment to be Governor, never mind a U.S. Senator. Why Governor, do you insult our intelligence? If Greer is so effective, will he join your U.S. Senate campaign in a paid capacity? I won't hold my breath. Who can forget Greer's chartering a jet so he could be on the platform with Sarah Palin at multiple campaign stops after McCain Palin Advancemen blocked Greer from the Vice Presidential candidate's plane. Did Greer's presence win a single vote for the ticket? Or who can forget Greer telling a journalist that he was the "defacto" Lt. Governor because "Kottkamp is retarded." Ah and then there is the itemized RPOF American Expense bills which Greer wouldn't release. Big Jim knows what's in there. So does Crist. Funny, Crist attacks the lack of transparency in the President's healthcare bill - but what about the lack of transparency at RPOF? John Thrasher must release these bills now even though Greer says it will only embarrass Jeff Atwater and Marco Rubio who both also had RPOF American Express cards. I doubt that - unless Marco leant his card to David Rivera. That Haridopolos and Cannon both good men and the in-coming Republican Leadership, also dumping praise on Greer, tells me they are concerned about what is in there and what may have happened under their predecessors. Both think Greer is a thieving buffoon. Greer likes to say his was deposed by rabid right-wingers, and while it's true that Greer tried to purge Ron Paul supporters from the Party, (when did a Party ever succeed by making itself smaller?) he was removed because he was incompetent. Arrogance and stupidity rarely mix well. Under Greer's leadership the Florida GOP lost two incumbents in Congress while John McCain lost the state in a squeaker. Soon after the election it was learned that Big Jim had a surplus in the RPOF federal account. Had he used these funds, it could have saved Florida and our nation from disaster. The idea that he effectively reached out to minorities is a joke: Republicans got no appreciable black votes during this fool's tenure at the party helm.