By Roger Stone Not only do we learn this week that New York Senator Chuck Schumer was "back-dooring" his colleague Hillary Clinton in her Presidential run, but now he's trying to pressure Congressman Harold Ford Jr. out of challenging the his protégé Kirsten Gillibrand in the New York Senate Democratic Primary. While Harold Ford may not be my ideological cup of tea, I know an experienced and sure footed candidate and a prodigious fundraiser when I see one. Why shouldn't New York Democratic Primary voters choose their own candidate? Schumer already muscled out Rep. Steve Israel and Rep. Carolyn Maloney with a heavy handed assistance from the Casa Blanca. Why shouldn't voters decide if Ford is too conservative on social issues or hasn't lived in New York long enough? Schumer, who took great offense to being called a putzhead (hey, if the shoe fits....) by Senator Al D'Amato, didn't mind calling a poor working flight attendant a "bitch" when she required him to turn off his cell phone like everyone else. Like his Democratic colleague Eliot Spitzer, he thinks he is so important the rules don't apply to him. No one is more responsible for America's political meltdown that Chuck Schumer who took millions from banks, insurance companies and Wall Street to vote with Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Tx) to strip away oversight and regulation of those industries. Now Schumer's tactics remind of the old bosses of Tammany. They stink.