By Roger Stone Back in 2008 when some on the Right called candidate Barack Obama a socialist, the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee did everything they could to tamp down the growing voter suspicion about Obama's true plans. Now a year into his presidency we have proof with a government owning the means of business lending; the banks, as well as owning a major car company. When the President of a car company is determined by the President of the United States, we have state socialism. The rise of the Tea Parties is a jolting reminder that many Americans have figured out that if our President isn't a socialist, he's at least a "Fellow Traveler." Never in the history of the world has government spending created anything but government jobs. The Obama Administration has borrowed and spent exactly as they have pleased with a compliant Congress. There is no reason to believe that these trillions in spending and debt will produce any jobs. It is clear that the Obama Administration is not above cooking numbers to show economic recovery where none exists, but the people know from their pain what the economy is really like, and whether things will indeed get better. They won't. Meanwhile, States, being broke, which puts downward pressure on counties with higher property tax rates, leaving taxpayers furious, and federal tax increases in connection with the healthcare bill could prove a lethal combination for Democrats. Indeed, Republicans elected in New York's suburbs were elected on an anti-property tax wave. 2010 will bring strong Republican and some third party gains in the Congress, and state and local offices. With the President's approval rating below 50%, stronger candidates can be recruited. Whether or not the White House is within reach in 2012, it is far too early to say, but Obama is now mortal. Many voters, who voted for him because he was not George W. Bush, have gotten the joke. Republicans shouldn't lose sight of the fact that voters are furious at all politicians in both parties and that the Obama Administration's woes are not automatically Republican gains. Some savvy Republicans note that the GOP has no strong natural candidate and that "You can't beat someone with no one." The Republican Party needs an Eisenhower and I'm convinced that one can be found among the Governors, business, academia or the military. Someone like New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson with a libertarian streak and a plain spoken Western way of communicating that helped Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan (and Sarah Palin) win the hearts of Party conservatives. The campaign machinery that worked so smoothly to dispatch first Hillary Clinton and then John McCain didn't function as well in mollifying the President's base over the lack of a public option. The new incursion in Afghanistan is out of the McCain-Bush playbook while the date - certain withdrawal means the troops who survive will withdraw having accomplished nothing - and those who don't make it will have died in vain. The tax effects of the healthcare plan will be felt immediately while the benefits won't flow smoothly to the people. If the government can't administer Cash for Clunkers, how can they manage a multi-billion dollar healthcare system that serves every American? The turf will be right for a Republican resurgence or the rise of a new Party if the GOP can't produce a candidate who can capture the public imagination. Parties are a reflection of their presidential candidate. Bill Clinton brought his Party to the center. Ronald Reagan brought his Party to the right. The Party's image to younger voters, Hispanics, Asians and America's increasingly multicultural voter base will be defined by the face we put on the Party in 2010 and 2012. Some Republican strategists worry about the economy rebounding before the 2010 election. They don't need to worry - until America cuts spending, and cuts taxes, the economy can't recover.