By Roger Stone

SPITZER: Lies About Socks
Never mind money laundering or violating the Mann Act. Never mind illegal campaign contributions and the subsequent lies about the true source of the money. Never mind using the New York State Police to spy on his political opponent and then trying to cover-it up Nixon style. Never mind that the Spitzer of today rails for the AIG e-mails when he blocked release of his own e-mails in the Troopergate matter. Eliot Spitzer's real crime, above all, was having sex with calf length black socks on. And now, sadly, he's lying about it. In an amazingly candid and obtuse interview in, Spitzer denied he wore black hosiery to do the wild thang. But there are at least three independent confirmations of this weird predilection. I first reported it to the FBI in on November 19, 2007. Madam Kristin Davis confirmed that many of her girls commented on it on a SIRIUS radio interview only five days after Spitzer resigned, and the New York Post reported confirmation the FBI got of Spitzer's Black Sock fetish from yet another call girl. Of course the hypocrisy-lovers at bought Spitzer's latest lie hook, line and sinker. Yet three independent sources all confirmed he did it with his droopy calf-length socks on.