By Roger Stone

Delmar Johnson
Now that Governor Charlie Crist's new Grand jury on corruption is empanelled under the leadership of Judge Victor Tobin, the investigation of Governor Crist and his cronies should begin immediately. Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer publically cut up his Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) American Express card with great fanfare but now the Orlando Sentinel reveals that Greer flunkey Delmar Johnson retained a card and continued to rack up the Chairman's lavish charges in including luxury charter jet travel to the swearingin of Senator George LeMieux at a cost of $15,000. Trust me, Greer's presence at the little French wheelerdealer's swearingin in DC, where the Chairman hobknobbed with Scott Rothstein, who despite Frenchy's lies to the contrary, was an invited guest, didn't win the GOP any votes. Delmar was also receiving a "secret" consulting fee that boosted his compensation to $400,000 a year plus the rent of five bedroom home in a pricy Tallahassee suburb. That Delmar Johnson was kickingback a portion of "income" to Greer will be easy to prove when FDLE or the FBI examines both men's bank records. The idea that Johnson was being compensated for "fundraising activities" is a joke. Party fundraising ground to a halt after veteran Crist fundraiser, Meredith O'Rourke, left the helm of fundraising for RPOF. Greer's continual dipping into Party funds raised for the House and Senate campaigns is what finally got Greer removed. Just as former Speaker Ray Sansom's misuse of the RPOF American Express card had tax implications, so does Greer's use of the RPOF as his personal piggy bank. Greer and Johnson could be vulnerable to federal income tax fraud charges. Now we learn that Greer will be paid a "severance" for being booted out as Party Chairman. Didn't Greer steal enough in luxury charter jets, 5 Star resorts, expensive restaurants, greens fees, sport's tickets and enough in restaurant and bar tabs to feed the Russian army? This is not a corporation. It's a political party. Why are we paying Greer for failure? Under Jim Greer the GOP lost Florida in a Presidential election for the first time since 1964. Florida also lost a House seat. In return for agreeing to step down, Greer is expected to be paid severance roughly equal to his current annual salary -- $130,000 -- along with continued healthinsurance coverage, according to the Orlando Sentinel. This isn't severance - it's blackmail. The votes to remove Greer can be gotten without a payoff. So here are the central questions:
  • Will the Republican Party of Florida still pay Greer's severance and for his healthcare when he is indicted for stealing Party funds and washing them through Delmar Johnson's bank account?
  • What else is in the still secret RPOF American Express bills? Incoming GOP leaders Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos both praised Greer when he stepped down. What's in those bills they are afraid of? Both House and Senate leadership had charge cards as did their predecessors. We know how Sansom used his.
  • Why doesn't Marco Rubio say anything about Greer's continued stonewall of demands for a full accounting of all RPOF American Express Statements? What's in there that Marco doesn't want to read about. After all, he too had a card.
  • Charlie Crist insists he has "full confidence" in Jim Greer which makes you wonder if Crist has the judgment or integrity to be a U.S. Senator or whether Crist too is concerned about what is in those American Express records. As for whether Crist will hire Greer or Delmar Johnson for his campaign for the Senate, the answer is no.