For some reason cigars and cigar smokers are inexorably linked with politics and politicians in the publics mind. The image of the cigar-chomping political boss is an American stereo type is as old as Boss Tweed, George Washington Plunkitt, Richard Daley, Frank Hague and Carmine DeSapio. JFK was a cigar smoker and with inside knowledge of the coming blockade of Cuba, had his press Secretary, Pierre Salinger, stock up on the finest large-ring Cuban cigars. Vice President Walter Mondale enjoyed a cigar after a long day campaigning as did Senator Ed Muskie. The Reverend Al Sharpton is known to savor a good cigar - usually paid for by someone else. After Pennsylvania Hillary may take up cigars if she thinks it will help her squeeze out a few more white male votes. For those visiting South Florida, there is no finer cigar emporium than Ultimate Cigar which is located at 195-C North Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale. The proprietor denies that he ever worked for the secret police in Pakistan.