By Roger J. Stone Rich, bored, and unrepentant Eliot Spitzer continues to bounce from interview to interview trying out a new rationalization for his hooker-habit every couple days. First he told Big Think that he pursued prostitutes because after 30 years of marriage, the thrill was gone with Mrs. Spitzer. Then, a week later, he told the Huffington Post that his romps with call girls was less of a violation of his marriage vows then an affair because his playtime with hookers didn't involve a "emotional component." Clearly Eliot Spitzer is digging himself in deeper with the wife.

That Client #9 can opine on the pages of Slate, MSNBC, The Steven Colbert Show, The Washington Post, and other friendly media outlets who never asked him any hard questions about his illegal activities, demonstrates how completely obtuse he is about the fact that he lacks any moral authority to speak on any subject. The man paid to transport a hooker across 4 state lines to DC. A New York Supreme Court Justice went down for this 2009 when he imported a hooker from Hamburg, New York to Frankfort Kentucky for a fun-filled weekend. Why not Spitzer? Particularly galling is his continued critique of AIG, a company that came to the brink of failure only because of his misguided prosecution of AIG President Maurice Hank Greenberg who was found to have done nothing illegal or improper. Perhaps Spitzer realizes what Richard Nixon recognized; the American People are essentially forgiving, and over the course of time, virtually anyone can be politically rehabilitated. Because he resigned abruptly, Spitzer cut off public discussion of his personal habits with prostitutes and further details of his escapades in Hookerland. I have no doubt that as he seeks a rehabilitation that will elude him, these facts will come out. Nothing still this self-important jerk says can be taken seriously, but I support his right to keep talking.