By Roger Stone

Charlie Crist & Rudy Giuliani
Florida Governor Charlie Crist told former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani that he was unlikely to endorse any candidate in the 2008 Florida Republican Presidential Primary, but if he did endorse a candidate, it would be the Mayor. Unfortunately, Crist told Mitt Romney the same thing, except the former Massachusetts Governor would be the one picked. Only weeks later, Crist endorsed John McCain without even a courtesy warning to Giuliani or Romney. Back then Crist was the king of all he surveyed, with a 71% approval rating and the affection of Florida voters across the spectrum. Now having appointed his former Chief of Staff to a vacant U.S. Senate seat, embraced the Obama stimulus package, appointed liberals to the State Supreme Court, and failed in his attempt to provide real property tax relief, Crist is in the fight of his life. Giuliani's endorsement of former Speaker Marco Rubio proves that what goes around comes around.