Former New York Governor George Pataki and his minions have every reason to be concerned about Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's probe of the New York State Police and past political abuses of the State Police Force.

Daniel Wiese
Pataki regularly used the State police and their investigative files. A real probe by Cuomo will prove that confidential documents from the State police were obtained by Pataki aides regarding a domestic dispute in the home of Congressman John Sweeney and were leaked to the media to destroy Sweeney's bid for reelection against a candidate who is the daughter of an intimate member of the Pataki inner circle. Will Cuomo probe the role of Zenia Mucha, Pataki's Chief of Staff who authorized Wiese, received the State police files and directed the leaks to destroy Sweeney who had crossed Pataki in internal party matters? Pataki wanted to hide his use of the State plane and therefore often used State Authority's aircraft to disguise his travel, very reminiscentof the way he had the Authorities take on public debt without voter approval to hide it from the public. The State police arranged this. Pataki's dirty tricks Meister Daniel Wiese can dime the entire Pataki crowd. Spitzer gave Wiese a cushy job at one of the Authorities where Wiese later aided Spitzer's cover-up of his efforts to use the State police to spy on his political opponents. Now that that cover-up has collapsed, Wiese will be in the hot seat, but his dirty tricks for Pataki will not be off the table.