By Roger J. Stone Author of new Spitzer rehab book "Rough Justice," a love letter which dwells on the sexual but fails to examine the blackmail and selective prosecution tactics he used as a prosecutor, or his misuse of state funds to have State Police spy on his enemies, has revealed himself as a cheerleader for a return of Client #9 to public office. Reuters reported:
"Other politicians might have been finished by the scandal surrounding Spitzer, the moralizing former State Attorney General who resigned as Governor in March 2008, after it was revealed he had been hiring prostitutes. But Spitzer has two advantages: a personal fortune to finance a future campaign and a history of fighting misdeeds on Wall Street, said Peter Elkind, author of "Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer" which is due out on Tuesday. The financial meltdown has really accelerated the potential speed of his rehabilitation. It's just a horrific disaster and people are looking to see who was on the right side of that issue, and he was as Attorney General," Elkind said on Monday."
Spitzer may find it difficult to use the family fortune to fund a comeback. In his 1994 and 1998 races for Attorney General he took over $9M in illegal loans from his father to finance his campaign and lied about it to the New York Times. Elkind wrote in his fictional account of Spitzer's fall the FBI said they could not find the letter I mailed the Bureau on November 19, 2007 that informed the FBI about Spitzer's hooker habits and his love of black socks in the boudoir. I contacted the FBI Public Information Officer who says it is not FBI policy to comment on or provide information regarding internal correspondence. Elkind lies again. Once again Elkind can't explain how I knew of Spitzer's black socks fetish - later confirmed by both the FBI and the New York Post long before his public exposure. The idea of Spitzer as a crusading knight is a joke. The Madoff scandal happened under his nose, so did the New York Pension fund scandal. He was too busy chasing headlines and winning few convictions. Spitzer was a blackmail artist as a prosecutor letting family friend Madoff skate by while pursuing Ken Langone and Hank Greenberg, but not Democrat powerhouse Carl McCall at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Can you say "selective prosecution?" How much did the Spitzer Family Foundation pay Elkind to write this revisionist shit?