By Roger J. Stone SpitzerEliot Spitzer was the toast of Manhattan last week with an extremely sympathetic book, and film project re-firing speculation that the former Governor wants to climb back into the political arena. Despite the dubious scholarship of both film and book, Spitzer was everywhere; on cable, radio and the New York Times. His comeback tour rolling out nicely, Spitzer then self immolated with an undisciplined diatribe attacking the Independents of New York Attorney General and presumptive Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Cuomo. Spitzer's attack on Cuomo is rooted in envy and hubris. Eliot Spitzer really believes he was the Sheriff of Wall Street and still fails to realize that he cut numerous ethical corners in both elective politics and public office. In one swift move Spitzer got the illegal financing of his Attorney General's elections and his abuse of the State Police for political powers back in the headlines. Spitzer also galvanized the entire Democratic organization which clamors for Cuomo, against him. Cuomo is the unforgiving sort. Eliot Spitzer's comeback ended on Day One.