By Regor Enots It had to happen. Andrew Perez was an intern at Rothstein Rosenfeldt and Adler who watched the Scott Rothstein/Billion dollar Ponzi saga unfold from a ringside seat. Now Perez has sold the option for "THE JEWISH AVENGER" - a screenplay also called "Rothstein-the Movie" to Montbanc Films of Santa Monica. The production company that optioned the screenplay is in discussions with both HBO and XF, both of whom have expressed extreme interest in packaging it as made-for-TV movie. Preliminary casting has been discussed. According to Hollywood sources, actor Ricky Gervais has preliminarily signed on for the role of Scott Rothstein after John Goodman was deemed too tall and Tom Sizemore's agent said he was interested but unavailable. Other casting were discussed but couldn't be confirmed before press time.Courtney Love turned down the role so Sylvia Jefferies is expected to play Kim Rothstein. Andy Dick is on board to play Russ Adler and veteran actor Mickey Rooney will portray Stuart Rosenfeldt. Jeffrey Tambor is in for role of Sheriff Al Lamberti. Sacha Baron Cohen will get the juicy role of Marc Nurik. James Woods has agreed to play Roger Stone and Kristie Alley snagged the role of Deborah Villegas while Kevin Spacey's agent has expressed interest in the academy award winner portraying her husband, Tony. Joe Pesce will portray Dave Boden and the role of Steve Lippman will be played by Richard Jenkins. Grant Smith will be played by Beau Bridges. Albert Finney grabbed the part of Ted Morse while Patty Morse will be played by Penny Marshall. Cheech Marin will play the role of Frankie DiGiovanni. Additionally, Kal Penn of Kumar fame will play the role of cigar man Moe Sohail. Rob Lowe may play NEWTIMES reporter Bob Norman although there were conflicting reports that Lowe had turned the role down and discussions with Jude Law have begun. "The film allows us to see Rothstein dispensing cocaine to his investors while they are getting lap dances in the backroom of a prominent Fort Lauderdale strip club juxtaposed with scenes of Rothstein atoning for his sins in the Chabad Synagogue," said Perez who reportedly got a half million dollars for his eye-witness screenplay. Perez promises both a black comedy and a documentary in the Oliver Stone tradition. The movie asserts that Rothstein, the Fort Lauderdale lawyer and Ponzi Schemer, had a woman partner of the firm, Rothstein Rosenfedlt Adler [RRA], murdered when she learned too much about his illegal activities. Rothstein's fleeing for Morocco and co-operation with the FBI in an unrelated Mafia sting are explored. At the end of Perez's screenplay, Rothstein is shanked while in witness protection, by agents of an Israeli Mob chief who he defrauded in the Ponzi scam. Rothstein comes to the mob's attention in witness protection in Iowa when he freaks out in a restaurant over egg noodles with ketchup that is served to him as spaghetti, and tells diners he "used to be Scott Rothstein." An elderly Jew phones in a tip and the mob chieftain's (initials SL) agents find Rothstein in his split-level ranch house. The next day Rothstein is brutally killed and his body feed to wild pigs. "I couldn't leave it without an ending," Perez told the STONEzone.