By Roger Stone Sen. Arlen SpecterIn his five terms in the US Senate Arlen Specter left his mark on both that institution and on the country. In a political career which marked four city and statewide defeats before he won his first US Senate term in 1980, Specter exasperated both Republicans and Democrats with his quirky and independent style. Few realize that Arlen Specter is the father of Federal stem cell research having held the first hearings and written the first appropriations for a program that will ultimately save millions of lives. While it is fashionable for Conservative to grumble about Specter, they should realize that without Arlen, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Sam Alito would not be on the Supreme Court. In hindsight it is easy to criticize Specter's decision to switch parties and rejoin the Democrats after 44 years in the Republican Party. With more than 125,000 suburban Philadelphia Republicans switching to the Democratic Party in 2008 to vote in the heated Obama-Clinton Pennsylvania primary, Specter's defeat in a 2010 rematch with former congressman Pat Toomey was assured. Prospects for victory looked brighter in the Democratic Party as Pennsylvania Republicians shifted further and further to the right. Perhaps Specter would not have been defeated last Tuesday if he had not been undermined by the Obama White House. The President declined to visit the City of Brotherly Love where a maximum African American turnout was key to Specter's survival, the final weekend. Even worse, White House aides undermined the veteran Senator by telling the media that they were braced for a Specter loss and were expecting him to lose while the polls were still open in Pennsylvania. Thus is the Chicago-style political treachery of the Obama White House. With friends like this, who needs enemies? Senator Specter may yet have the last word. I would not be surprised if Specter votes against Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. Spector opposed her nomination for the lower courts and it would demonstrate that Arlen Spector was an independent to the end. Up your's Barrack !