By Roger Stone Andrew CuomoNew York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is the odds-on front runner to be Governor of the Empire State largely because of the political discipline he has demonstrated since his 2006 gubernatorial defeat. Cuomo has carefully avoided controversial or ideological issues. He has also limited his access to the media in order to more tightly control his public relations messaging. Should Sheik Mohammed be tried in a civil court? Andrew hasn't said. Furloughs for state workers opposed by the public employee unions? The Attorney General hasn't taken a position. Republican polling that I saw recently showed the Attorney General with high approval ratings among Republicans and self described conservatives. A review of Cuomo's just released AGENDA FOR NEW YORK makes one wonder whether Cuomo got most of his positions from Carl Paladino's website. Cuomo's decision to challenge Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on a cross section of issues demonstrates that Cuomo is committed not to make the mistake Eliot Spitzer made; going after Joe Bruno instead of Shelly Silver. Why then would Cuomo accept the nomination of the ACORN-affiliated and public employee union funded Working Families Party? The WFP opposes an expansion in the number of charter schools, supports higher taxes on New York's Financial Sector and opposes a cap in property taxes. Most importantly, the WFP opposes trimming pension benefits for public employees. The next Governor must undo the public employee pension deal Governor George Pataki did with 1199 which both ensured his re-election and is currently bankrupting the state. The Working Families party is under Federal investigation for cheating the New York City Public campaign Finance program and a host of other election fraud issues. How can the highest law-enforcement officer in New York State accept an nomination for a party under investigation? Cuomo has told City Hall that he intends to take the Working Families Party nomination if Senators Chuck Shumer and Kirsten Gillibrand do. Both appear willing to accept the endorsement. It would be a tremendous mistake for Andrew Cuomo to follow suit.