Charley CristUS Senator George Lemieux is shocked, shocked that there are financial irregularities around former Florida GOP Chief Jim Greer. Please give us a break. The Little Frenchman who knifed his mentor Charlie Crist by backing Marco Rubio for the US Senate was Greer's protector when the Palm Beach Post published evidence of Greer's spending at the Breakers... For food, wine, alcohol, spa treatments, and lavish meals - all at party expense. Greer facilitated the $350,000 the State Party paid to the little French seat warmer. I contend it was a pass through from the Seminoles in return for George giving them a sweetheart gaming contract. Where is the US Attorney ? The Tan One held on to Greer, better known for snorting coke off girl's asses then political acumen, far longer than was wise. Now, Greer says Charlie and Frenchy both Ok'ed his siphoning off RPOF dough. What did Greer know? What did he see? What did he supply? Meanwhile Crist's veto of a bill requring ultrasound before a pregnancy is aborted is a pander to liberal and Jewish Democrats which is in contrast with his previous solid pro-Life view when in a primary with Tom Gallagher for Governor. As his Republican votes crumble Crist looks to to the Democrats to survive.