by Roger Stone

Paladino: The Italian Ronald Reagan
Rick Lazio is the designee of the New York Republican Party but wont be it's nominee unless he overcomes the Republican Primary challenge of hard-charging Buffalo businessman and Tea Party activist Carl Paladino. "The Republican primary is a right-wing orgy" is what Lazio strategist Arthur Finklestein used to say: today he whistles a different tune insisting the pro-abortion, pro-gun control Lazio, a cheerleader for Andrew Cuomo's sub-prime mortgage fiasco when Lazio was in the Congress, will easily prevail over the more-conservative pro-life, pro-second amendment Paladino. He's wrong. Paladino will be more than competitive. Finklstein, imposed on Lazio by George Pataki and Al D'Amato finds himself under pressure in this year's Florida Governors race where private polls show conservative businessman Rick Scott has vaulted ahead of Finklestein's client Attorney General Bill McCollum. Now he faces possible defeat in New York as well. First of all, Lazio has no money to spare. Paladino will spend $10 million of his own in the primary. Lazio fundraising has bombed and he has less than $300,000 on hand. Lazio also faces a primary for the Conservative Party nomination where Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph Lorigo will challenge Lazio for that parties nomination. Lazio and Finklestein will try to make stupid process arguments against Lorigo- that he has endorsed local democrats over republicans- as if that will divert anyone from the fact that Rick Lazio is a gun-grabbing baby killer who ass-kissed Andrew Cuomo while in Congress. How the pro-abortion, pro-gun control Lazio will afford both a Republican and conservative primary is a good question. Lazio operatives point to Pataki's victory in the 1994 Conservative primary without realizing that Pataki had not yet revealed himself to be pro-abortion and pro-gun control and had not yet cut his deal with the public employees union to bankrupt the state. Pataki also had unlimited campaign funds. His challenger had none. That dynamic will be not be repeated. The parade of national conservatives who will endorse Lorigo over Lazio may surprise Conservative Party Mike Long who heartily endorsed pro-abortion George Pataki who actually supported partial-birth abortion and supported the most draconian anti-gun laws in the nation while tripling the state debt to $60 Billion. Some conservative. Lazio now works as a lobbyist for a bailed out Wall Street bank. In fact .lazio took a $1.3 million bonus while his employer, JP Morgan was getting a $25 Billion federal bailout. Taxpayers are bound to figure out that that's their money Lazio is pocketing. In the year of Rand Paul,the Tea Party movement and Sharon Angle, Lazio's is a sitting duck in the Republican party for an out-sider businessman untied to the mistakes of the past. Paladino will win the primary.