By Roger Stone

pattern of crimes
Eliot Spitzer liked to choke girls who refused his demands to have sex without a condom - now CNN is giving him a cable TV show. Where is the Feminist outrage? Why are women stigmatized for life when caught up in prostitution but men like Spitzer go free. Never mind the hypocrisy of pushing through a law providing tougher penalties for Johns who use hookers while he himself was patronizing them. Why should an upstate Republican Supreme Court Justice go to prison for violating the Mann act against transporting prostitutes across stateline in 2009 when Spitzer walks free? Spitzer clearly violated federal money laundering laws. Would prosecutor Spitzer give perp Spitzer and quarter on such an obvious violation? Spitzer not only illegally financed his campaigns for Attorney general but perjured himself about it under oath to make a civil suit alleging fraud go away. He later admitted he had taken nearly $9 Million illegally from his father in a series of financial machinations to hide the funding. Spitzer used taxpayer funds when he used the New york State Police for political dirty tricks. His State Police Superintendent was dismissed over his participation. The effort to make Spitzer aide Darren Dopp a scapegoat by Spitzer's lackey, Michael Cherkasky at the State Ethics Commission, is a farce. Spitzer's own e-mails confirmed he directed and approved Dopp's actions. Roger Ailes over at Fox is already kicking their ass. This is the guy who is going to save CNN? What's next for the Criminal News Network, a business Finance show with Bernie Madoff?