By Roger Stone

Lying Hypocrite
It is no small irony that former Eliot Spitzer Aide Darren Dopp, who carried out Spitzer's express orders to focus a dirty tricks operation on former Senate majority Leader Joe Bruno, is fighting an effort by the New York State Ethics Commission to fine him for carrying out Spitzer's orders, memorialized in e-mails released after Spitzer's resignation at the same time Spitzer mounts a doomed cable TV show on CNN. Spitzer ordered Dopp to "put a hot poker up Bruno's ass" in one memorable e-mail in which Spitzer approved and authorized the fabrication of State Police records in a effort to take out Bruno, his bitter foe. Once again Spitzer escaped consequences for illegal actions- a pattern throughout his privileged career. Spitzer's father illegally financed Spitzer's first two campaigns though a serious of loans and gifts which clearly violated state election law. When challenged in a civil suit by his losing opponents, Spitzer denied the existence of the loans under oath- sometimes known a perjury. Two years later Spitzer admitted the subterfuge to the New York Times. In his active role as John, Spitzer patronized at least five different New York based escort services. Girls who saw him once rarely saw him again due to his overly aggressive nature and attempts to have unsafe sex. Spitzer violated the Mann Act which prohibits transporting a woman across state lines for which a Republican Supreme Court Justice was convicted in 2009 and federal money laundering laws when he tried to hide his payments to hookers. Spitzer once again avoided prosecution. Dopp is a fall guy who is rightly fighting the fine levied by the Ethics Commission. If he is to be fined, Eliot Spitzer should likewise be fined. Spitzer ordered Dopp to violate the law. Ethics Committee Chair Michael Cherkasky is a shady Spitzer stooge who Spitzer blackmailed into the position of CEO of Marsh McLennan as a condition of settlement of outstanding cahrges against the Insurance giant when he was attorney general. Spitzer also required Marsh to acquire Kroll and associates, Cherkasky's employer for a greatly inflated price of $1 billion. Cherkasky got a $30 million golden parachute when he bombed out as an Insurance executive. Strangely Cherkasky wasn't prosecuted for excess compensation which Spitzer tried to prosecute New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso for. Cherkasky has repaid Spitzer by sheilding him from ethics chrages and fines by the Ethics Commission in perpetuation of the cover up. Justice has not been served based on the facts of troopergate. Fining three Spitzer henchmen only is like prosecuting Hunt and Liddy for Watergate and never going after the "Big Enchilada"- Richard Nixon. The Sheriff of Wall Street was the bully of Wall Street running a blackmail operation in which he would destroy your company's value by leaks or press release unless you settled charges you were not guilty of. Spitzer lost a stunning 85% of his cases for against those who went to trial.