By Roger Stone

Rubio: Running?
Charlie Crist is a real glad-hander with scant principles or philosophical moorings. After winning public office by claiming to be a "Ronald Reagan conservative" and a pro-life tax cutter,Crist has proven to be neither. Crist is the kind of politician you are impressed with the first time you meet him. By the third time you meet him you realize he is completely full of shit and completely ego-centric. Charlie believes in nothing but the self aggrandizement of Charlie. Charlie is focused, driven and relentless. Florida polls now show Crist ahead in a three way senate race in which Crist jumped from the GOP when facing certain defeat in the Republican primary- a path first taken by Arlen Specter.Crist can be defeated if Republican candidate Marco Rubio ever gets around to running a campaign. Crist said when he became Governor " property taxes will drop like a rock". They haven't. Crist also promised a drop in insurance rates. That didn't materialize either. Reminding voters of Crist's lies on these two issues is the key to his defeat. Elections are always won by the candidate who dominates the dialog , frames the choice for the voters and defines the race. I expect Rubio to out-raise Crist in the quarter. Rubio has the money to communicate. This race has started yet Marco is strangely silent, letting Crist set the debate and dominate the race. Marco could further dry up Crists remaining moderate Republican votes by reminding voters of Crist broken property tax pledge and make Crist's failed record as governor the reason to deny him a Senate seat. FOOT NOTE- Sarah Palin's roll out of her Political Action Committee increased speculation she will run for president in 2012. She could well be the front-runner by late 2011 matched with Mormon stiff Mitt Romney who's Massachusetts Health care system has brought his reputation low. This will, in turn, increase pressure on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to run at least four years earlier than his current game plan calls for.