Beleagured Congressman Charlie Rangel has more political options than many realize,as he face a House trial on charges that clearly include tax evasion and abuse of power. He could be expelled or resign from the House, win the Democratic primary and the general election and force the House to decide whether to seat him... if he can get by hard-charging Adam Clayton Powell IV, ( the lengendary. Congressman and Civil Rights leader Rangel defeated in 1970. The district is no longer the bastion of African Americans it once was. Hispanics are a strong plurality of the votes, followed by upper east side whites and with african American's third. Powell's mother was a celebrated Puerto rican beauty who's family included a Puerto Rican Governor. Powell is half spanish and speaks fluent Spanish. Moreover Rangel's Black base is eroded by two additional African American candidates, one of them gay. Powell is not without his own blemishes having beaten sexual assault and DUI charges in the past but his sins pale next to Rangel's stealing and cheating the tax-man.A recent poll had Rangel at 38% and Powell at 27% and climbing. Rev. Michael Faulkner , a former New York Jet ,is the Republican candidate ( is waging an impressive and disciplined campaign against great odds.