Republican US Senate candidate Sharon Angle can still win the seat of U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid despite an expensive early summer negative TV pounding of Angle by Reid's Special Interest-fueled campaign and a so-called 527 committee organized by Reid cronies. A recent Rasmussen Poll show 41 % of voters now viewed Angle unfavorably while 48 % Reid's negatives still outweighs Angle's. Reid is under 50% at 45% and Angle is at 43%. High unemployment is hurting Reid who is trying to depict Angle as a dangerous nut. Angle's campaign has been hording resources for a late Fall blitz. By that time this race will be over. Someone must both defend Angle and counter attack Reid in the late summer. If Angle's negative rating rises above Reid's she will lose. Where are the groups who helped her win the primary, Club for Growth and Tea Party Express? Where is the Karl Rove group, Crossroads? The attacks on Angle all have logical counter-punches but he defenders must engage. Angle can win but time is running out.