By Roger Stone President Barrack Obama maybe our most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter. Both Carter and Obama share the same high opinion of themselves and both are now revealed to be bunglers without a clue. Obama's 12 hour support for the Ground Zero Mosque before he mounted a full and hasty retreat is the single worst misstep since Carter blamed a national malaise for the nation's problems. How could master-politician Obama have such a political tin-ear? Obama has singlehandedly increased public awareness-and opposition to the proposed Mosque handing the Republican a wedge issue that can peel away moderate democrats and independents who rightly see this as not a freedom of religion issue but an effort by a group of shady Islamists who refuse to recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization and who have indisputable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, another terrorist front. Obama has now nationalized the issue in one bold stroke. Calling 62% of New Yorkers who oppose the Mosque bigots and racists wont work as a political tactic. More and more American are becoming aware of Islamo-facism as a genuine world threat. Those who deny it are like those who assured us in 1938 that Hitler was just a kook and not really dangerous. Supporters of the Ground Zero mosque claim that since only a few Muslims are involved in terrorism that we should encourage the majority non-violent/non-jihadist "moderate" Muslims by supporting their mosque building. However the Imam pushing this Mosque at Ground Zero is not a moderate muslim and US mosques are easily infiltrated with radical elements. For example, in 2008, a survey deemed "Mapping Sharia in America Project," by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy infiltrated mosques and Islamic Centers throughout the United States in an effort to bring to attention those that posed a threat to the national security of the country. Agents - consisting of former FBI, CIA, and U.S. military counterintelligence and counterterrorism personnel - discovered that out of the initial 100 (mosques and Islamic centers) mapped, 75 were preaching sermons calling for insurrection and jihad. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has effectively ended any chance of a national political career after leaving the New York Mayor's office. His position on the Mosque doesn't play anywhere outside Manhattan. Obama's handling of the BP Oil Spill had already cast doubt on his capability. His Carter-like bungling on the Mosque issue reinforces his poor judgment and the image that he supports an ideology most Americans don't. Who ever thought George W. Bush would look this good this soon?