The New York Post's Fred Dicker is a self-styled latter day Walter Winchell, using his old media perch at the Post to promote his (temporary) friends and attack their enemies. Dicker was once a booster of Governor George Pataki only to turn viciously on him in his last term. Dicker also bought into Governor Eliot Spitzer's "Day One-everything changes" campaign pledge before he almost single-handedly laid the Troopergate scandal in which Spitzer used the New York State Police to smear his political opponents at Spitzer's door.

Fred Dicker
But at 69 years old Dicker is slipping. In today's New York Post Fred Dicker reports that my wife and I have a $405,000 tax lien from the IRS which pertains to our 2006 taxes. What Fred is well aware of and didn't report is that the matter is in dispute and an appeal has been filed with a hearing scheduled in 90 days! Fred never lets the facts get in the way of a good tabloid story. Over a year ago, someone on the West Coast sent out a packet of "research" on Andrew Cuomo, which included a number of press clippings amalgamated with a substantial number of unsubstantiated rumors. I received this package by e-mail, as did a number of New York journalists. It was generally worthless, and I was unfamiliar with the sender. Dicker called and asked me if I had sent it around, and I told him that I had not. At Fred's request, I forwarded him the package from the original sender. Just yesterday, Fred bent the truth by breathlessly telling New York Post readers under the headline "Team Paladino Eyes Anti-Semite Smear"that "Roger Stone's company, Drake Ventures" is in possession of a negative research report on Andrew Cuomo, which includes an assertion that Cuomo is Anti-Semitic. Shame on you, Fred! You know the circumstances, and you know it's a lie. I know of no such plan. Generally despised by his colleagues in the Press for his healthy disregard for facts and careful omissions when promoting his agenda, Dicker's has taken up the cudgel for Democrat Andrew Cuomo in this year's race for Governor. When I had lunch with Dicker in Miami last year, I was surprised when he punched Andrew up on his speed dial of his cell phone and handed the phone over so Andrew could say hello. The aging Dicker's influence is over-stated. His popular Albany based radio show is listened to by Albany political insiders but few voters. His newspaper reaches thousands of down-scale New Yorkers very few of whom are voters. As the old media dies, Dicker's influence dies with it. Fred can dish it but he can't take it. Notoriously thin-skinned and pompous, he uses the typical tactics of the bully. Few have the belly to stand up to him. Until now. I expect a flurry of personal attacks on me in the coming weeks because I am opposed to Fred's candidate, Andrew Cuomo. Even now Fred is looking into my personal finances and disputes I am having with the IRS in a effort to smear. Besides, my name is not on the ballot. One high Democrat with whom I am friendly once told me "Fred is only Fred's friend." And so it is.