By Roger Stone After New York Post curmudgeon Fred Dicker provoked Republican Candidate for Governor Carl Paladino in a chest poking rant seen around the world, Dicker took to the airwaves to claim he was pushed around and nearly knocked to the ground by "3" goons from the Paladino campaign. This is a total fabrication and the latest falsehood from the 69 year old Dicker, a throaty partisan of Democrat Andrew Cuomo. The Paladino campaign released this letter-
Good Morning Carl, It was a great pleasure meeting you at the NYS Business Council reception last week at The Sagamore.  As you may know, I was the gentleman that intervened as Fred Dicker continued his overly aggressive and completely unprofessional rant against you.  I firmly believe that his behavior was completely out of line and that is why I stepped in between you and Mr. Dicker. Since that time, I have learned a very valuable lesson about the state of politics in NY and more importantly the pathetic state of journalistic integrity in this state. Over the last 9 days, I have been identified as "the unidentified man, a Paladino goon, a hulking Paladino bodyguard, a Paladino thug and a Paladino staffer".  As you know, I am none of those things, I am simply a guy who saw a situation that was quickly escalating and tried to do the right thing.   Additionally, Mr. Dicker has appeared all over Albany and on multiple media outlets stating that he was being pushed around and nearly knocked to the ground by "3" goons from the Paladino campaign (a total fabrication).  The whole process has shown me that the media cares very little about detail and quickly attaches to the most dramatic elements of a story regardless of factual basis. As I told you in Lake George, I am not your average Paladino supporter as I am a 23 year member of a labor union and a lifelong registered democrat.  However, I am also a taxpayer who is being driven out of New York State and more importantly a parent who cannot in good faith send my child to our failing public school system.  I truly "get" your message and have also had enough of the dysfunction and corruption that is so pervasive in Albany. I wish you the very best in this election and any future endeavors.  You should take great pride in knowing that you have finally provided the much needed candor into this year's election. Be well, Frank J. Marchese Jr. Albany, New York